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Ecological quality houses and performance of the Passiv house totally enhanced in the CLT system. This system allows the construction…
mortgages in spain
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How to get a second-home mortgage

Tips before taking out a second-home mortgage When contracting mortgages for second homes, the first recommendation is that you compare…
For rent mallorca
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Rent a flat in Spain

Legal aspects of rent a flat in Spain. Main points of a contract: Identity of the contractors through their names…
Squatters in Spain
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Squatters in Spain

Squatters in Spain is one of the main nightmares of the foreign investor in our country. You have gone on…
Investments in Spain

Investing in Spain

Before thinking about investing in Spain…It is important that you take into account certain aspects and concepts that will guide…
real estate in mallorca and coronavirus
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Coronavirus and Mallorca

How Pandemic Has Marked Real Estate in Mallorca They claim real estate is constantly a secure investment, however, is that…
Alarm systems in Spain
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Best alarms for houses in Spain

Best alarms for houses in Spain in 2020. Today, in addition to protecting property, alarms are capable of facilitating daily…
property management mallorca
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Property management is not a joke! As a single property agency, we can only deal with a maximum of 5…
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“Property for sale in Mallorca” A good add…but when to buy it?

Are you thinking to buy a property in Mallorca? In the last few months, the real estate market is experiencing…
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The best home insurance

The best value for money home insuranceIf we carry out a comparison and analyze the quality/price ratio, we obtain that…
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First steps if you want to sell your house in Mallorca

Perform a real estate appraisal. Advising us on the real price of the property is fundamental in order to set…
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EBA vs Realtor

The Exclusive Buyer Agent is a profile that is becoming more and more popular in Spain. It is often confused…