Ecological quality houses and performance of the Passiv house totally enhanced in the CLT system.

This system allows the construction of buildings of 80 floors and five heights, without any structural problem. Now you have the opportunity to get to know this construction system of an ecological house in Mallorca from one of the first construction companies of residential houses in this system in Spain.

A house built with this system, of 260 sqm, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two parking places, radiant floor, and air conditioning, would be for a price of 400.000 euros without including foundation, geotechnical studies, furniture, nor taxes.

At 1525 euros/m2 and with a system infinitely superior to the traditional one with practically no carbon footprint for its enhancement, it is the construction system that will have the most influence in the coming years!

Before the initial questions that may arise for this system we try now to dispel the most common doubts:

FIRE: Wooden structures exposed to a fire maintain their bearing stability for a longer period of time than, for example, steel structures, which tend to collapse at relatively low temperatures.

ENERGETIC EFFICIENCY: The thermal transmittance is very good. We can state that with the same wall thickness, we improve the insulation three times compared to a conventional construction.

The results are frankly spectacular, achieving energy savings from 50% upwards

GUARANTEES: These constructions have the same guarantees as those made with any other material.

HUMIDITY AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOU IN MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATES: The wood used in construction is previously treated with anti-humidity, anti-fungus and anti-xylophagous preparations. Our woods have a humidity level of 14 to 16%, and below 19% humidity the wood is practically immune to attacks by xylophagous insects (woodworm, termites…) and fungi.

MORTGAGES: As it is a construction that complies with all the current administrative regulations, the financing of your prefabricated house can be channelled as a mortgage loan in any financial entity.

HEALTH: Our metabolism, influenced by the radiations and electromagnetic fields of the Earth, can suffer in a conventional house the effects of a Faraday box. However, wood construction, which is permeable to natural radiation, does not distort these subtle fields and contributes to a better quality of life.
On the other hand, it is a silent house as it does not have the problem of reverberation of spaces made of brick, and it does not produce dust.

On the other hand, wood allows the house to regulate both humidity and heat conservation in a natural way, so that heating and air conditioning costs can be significantly reduced.

RESISTANCE AND INSULATION QUALITIES: Wood offers four times more thermal insulation than brick, has a resistance/weight ratio 1.3 times that of steel and 10 times that of concrete, and in the event of fire resists deformation and collapse better than the latter two.

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