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Best alarms for houses in Spain in 2020

Best alarms for houses in Spain in 2020. Today, in addition to protecting property, alarms are capable of facilitating daily tasks within a home and protecting against other adversities such as fire and flooding.

The clearest examples of these new services can be found in home telecare services, which give great independence to the elderly or sick.

Also home automation services, which automate everyday tasks such as turning lights on and off, raising and lowering blinds, controlling the thermostat or watering.

To be able to consider a safe and effective alarm, it will need to be connected to an Alarm Reception Centre or ARC.

So it ensures that a security specialist will receive and analyze any alarm jump on the property and verify whether it is an emergency.

Best home alarm

As we have said, the best alarms for houses in Spain in 2020 are the ones connected to an alarm reception center, that is, the ones belonging to a security company.

We offer you an approach of the best alarms for houses in Spain in 2020 according to different criteria about :

Best security companies according to their alarms:
Best basic equipment: Movistar Prosegur Alarmas
Best complementary accessories: ADT
Better technical and customer service: ADT
Best design of your team: Securitas Direct
Best Price: ADT
Best alarm according to your users’ opinions: ADT

Prosegur: in 2020 has improved its complete alarm pack causing this to be the best of the leading security companies as it has full HD cameras with video recording.

ADT: is the company that offers a greater number of accessories that you can hire separately, such as fire detector or cameras that you can control from your mobile.

ADT’s customer service department has been awarded the prize for best customer service in the field of security companies for the second time in a row. Its competitive prices, 33 euros per month, make it the most economical of the large alarm companies.

Securitas Direct: if what you want is an avant-garde design, the best is the Verisure alarm.

The company has its own alarm designers and offers an innovative and sophisticated style.

Among the most popular current alarm offers are those shown below. Find the monthly price of the alarm and its main features and conditions.

Best Business Alarm

To select the alarm that best suits your situation, you should examine in detail the characteristics of your business (the type of products sold, the size of the premises etc.) and the alarm devices available in the company.

For example, Securitas Direct offers its own accessory called Zerovision, specially designed for businesses as the detector emits a thick amount of smoke in a matter of seconds that will blind the intruder.

However, this alarm is not for every type of business, as it could cause irreparable damage to sensitive material such as fabrics in the case of a clothing store.

In addition, not all businesses need the same type of protection. Depending on the business in which we want to install an alarm, its degree of protection should be 2 or 3:

Grade 3 alarms: require mandatory items such as a safe, a seismic detector, connection to the CRA and CCTV cameras. It is mandatory for jewelry stores, art galleries, gas stations, lottery administrations and security companies.

Grade 2 alarms: for all other businesses. Grade 2 specifies that the alarm is connected to a CRA.

Grade 3 alarms
Of the leading security companies in Spain, the only one that offers grade 3 alarms is Prosegur.

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