Property management is not a joke!

As a single property agency, we can only deal with a maximum of 5 properties for sale at any one time. In case two of them are sold we can accept a new one.

Dedication and professionalism cannot be divided between dozens of properties for sale as if it were a simple showcase where you can display objects and wait for someone to decide to buy them.

Fees imply effort and property management must include more tasks than just publish something in a portal and wait for good fishing among dozens of other properties as bait.

We don’t work only for ourselves but for the customer who wants to sell his property as well.

In our portfolio, we only have some exclusive properties that have preferential treatment as Single Property and with a high cost in advertising and media.

The professionalism and dedication in promoting a product can only come from a very limited number of recruits if you want to gain confidence and not play with the client, his time, and his money.

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